FeQ delivers world class communication solutions quickly and affordably by minimizing overhead and engaging talent and capability around the world on a project basis, so that capability flows to need and is deployed with surgical precision to solve acute business problems.

Founder-driven talent & capability across:

Brand, Communications & Media Strategy

that drives cut-through

Data & Analytics

to yield optimization & illumination

Creative Solutions

That solve business problems

Social & e-Commerce

that promotes sharing and connection

User Experience Design

that starts with the consumer

Retail Innovation & Execution

from online to offline

Human Empathy & Understanding

at scale

Our business model

An operating model that allows capability to seamlessly flow to need​

Small, focused and specialized teams change the world

Only the talent you need, when and where you need it

Drives a solution-oriented mindset at speed

Experience, perspective & capability deliver efficiency, cost-savings and brilliant solutions – the first time around


Our tools and proven processes help translate data and human insight into experiences that resonate with and motivate customers. 

let's talk about it

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