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Aug 21

How businesses can fast-track innovation to help during a crisis

Originally posted on on Aug 21, 2020 “Unrealistic” timelines can actually work. Here’s how. Businesses around the world are looking for ways to help in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to sell products and services and keep people employed. From the C-suite to managers to employees at…
Aug 10

The surprising benefit of kids wearing masks

Article written by Heather Marcoux | Originally published on on Aug 10, 2020 What doctors and parents say about the psychological benefits of masks So many familiar, comforting things have changed in the last few months and now we're asking our kids to do something else outside of their…
Jul 14
Jul 14

The Next Practices Group Expands Global Reach via Investment in FeQ

Post originally published on on Jul 14, 2020 [NEW YORK. JULY 14, 2020] The Next Practices Group, the newly formed U.S. based Agency collective, has taken a significant minority position in FosterEquity Services (FeQ) to gain access to a global network of creative, technology, digital media and marketing experts…
Jul 09

Everyone wearing face masks could save America from a $1 trillion GDP loss

Article written by Megan Cerullo | Originally published on on July 9th, 2020 Wearing a mask doesn't just save lives, it can also help people save money. If the United States were to mandate that all Americans wear masks, it would save the country from deleterious economic lockdowns that…
Jun 17

The Virus Doesn’t Care About Your Freedom. Wear a Mask.

This article was originally posted on Newsweek June 17, 2020 "There's no freedom if you're dead." That's what friends of mine in Asia, particularly Hong Kong, have said when I've tried to explain the reluctance some Americans have to wearing masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. My family…