There is a lot of talk around Purpose today and the competitive advantage that Purpose-led companies sustain as a result. The truth is that Purpose is a blunt instrument if it does not start from the inside out. It’s companies that talk, think and act in a consistent way around purpose, that win.

The FosterEquity Purpose methodology involves both internal and external research and discovery that then culminates in two intensive days with key stakeholders to define the company’s purpose. This is a full contact session that will result in defining:

  • The language of the company
  • The beliefs that rally the organization
  • The focus that galvanizes all efforts
  • The ambition and practices that lead to high value outcomes

Once the Purpose is defined, the next step is to outline the Massive Actions required to activate the company Purpose. This will result in:

  • Identification of key workstreams that will propel the company forward
  • Driving ownership and accountability of the senior team
  • Enlisting all stakeholders in the important versus the urgent
  • Aligning your key people to all pull in the same direction driving gestalt – an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts

See below for some examples from the FosterEquity Purpose methodology that are propelling companies forward today

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Fostering Innovation

Unless you are working hard to disrupt your business, someone else will. Too often leaders are content to delegate or outsource innovation. I once asked how a company managed innovation in their organization, and the response was “we have a department for that.” This led to the development of the FosterEquity Kinetic Innovation program. It is built as an antidote to the phenomena that effort and investment increase proportionately as innovation gets concentrated into the hands of the few. This creates risk for the organization. The FosterEquity Kinetic Innovation program helps everyone become innovators, every day.

The FosterEquity Kinetic Innovation program is a 2-day session that focuses on creating a culture of innovation across the organization. It employs insights, techniques and models that help drive intent and systematize innovation across the organization so that everyone takes responsibility for innovating across all vectors of the business daily.

Too often the innovation discussion is relegated to only the product, when in truth it’s commercial innovation, workflow and process innovation, and cultural innovation that delivers the strongest progress in a company’s transformation.

By using simple tools and frameworks, the program unleashes and institutionalizes innovation and drives the practice into the everyday for everyone.


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